Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Hair Cut

Have I ever mentioned that I love to cut hair? Well, I do. Whenever someone says,"Ya, I've been needing a trim..." I get all excited, and my mind starts to wander to all these tricks and techniques I could do on their hair. I start picturing them with amazing haircuts and hairstyles. Shorter on the top, longer on the sides, up in the back, thinner through that one really wierd looking spot...  I start imagining how it would be to have my own space one day to really cut hair again. I mean that in mass quantities. Not just one or two a week, but alot. And then I start thinking about all the friends I could make, I could have client friends, and co-worker friends, product vendor friends, etc... of course etc. because the list would obviously go on and on. I could just cut hair all day long and be this amazing hair artist.... Now let's see... where was I? Oh ya. I love cutting hair.

I do remember when I first started cutting hair it was really awkward and difficult to even try to do just one whole haircut. It takes alot of practice, and alot of training for your eyes to know what you are looking for. For those of you who are cutting Mens hair on your own, remember to step back (about 4 feet) to look at what is really happening throughout the haircut that you are doing. Also, make sure you get the edges nice and even and clean. When someone first looks at a haircut, the eyes are automatically drawn to the perimeter. This would be the worst place for you to mess up.... no pressure. :)

1 comment:

  1. hey, I need a trim...when am I going to see you again?? Ha ha ha ha, just kidding. well, sort of...I really do need a trim!



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