Monday, November 7, 2011

Flower Skirt

I can't get enough skirts for this girl!
It's a win-win situation, though.
She loves wearing them, and I love making them,
so I won't complain.

Bala gave me some adorable fabric to use up for her. 
(Bala= the Aunt we currently live with while my Hubby is in law school)
She got it a while ago because it's so sweet, but she's never used it.

I think we put it to good use!
The skirt is just a simple elastic waist,
nothing too fancy.
I thought the blue ruffle and flower 
added just the right touch

And the crowd was kind enough
to keep the noise down during the photo shoot.

Yep, they watched the whole thing.
Believe it or not.


  1. What a pretty skirt, your daughter is adorable, and I too love pizza ;)

  2. SO CUTE! Pretty sure if you made a big girl skirt, i'd wear it. then me and Miss G would be Twinners.

  3. Love, love, love that skirt!! I would totally wear that skirt! (And your daughter is adorable, too!!). Thanks for stopping by the other day and leaving such a nice comment!!



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