Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mess of Necklace

My necklaces were getting out of control! Just a tangled wad sitting on the top of my dresser. That is how they have been sitting since taking them out of their box from our move to Minneapolis a month ago. Every morning recently I would see them, and then continue to walk out of my room pretending that the whole mess hadn't happened in the first place. But that only worked for so long, enough was enough!

I went to a thrift store across town and picked out a good old wooden framed picture. I chose a tall frame so I can set my smaller jewelry box and earring stand in front of the necklace frame once it was finished. First I knocked out the glass and the ugly boat picture with a hammer. Then I hammered in some small nails across the top to hang my necklaces. Then it was time for the hard part- untangling the rioting necklaces! It actually was alot easier than I was expecting, and now (finally!) there is peace on the top of my dresser again!


  1. I really love this. As soon as I get my other ten projects done I'm going to attempt this.

  2. This is very cute! I wonder how hard it will be to find a frame as nice as that one?



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