Friday, February 18, 2011

Lucky for You

Even though I've been married for three years, I would still consider myself a novice to all of this domesticness    (spell check just told me that's not a real word... oh well) going on around here. For example, knitting a pair of baby booties. I've seen it done. I have the skills. I just haven't done it yet (well, hadn't, anyway). That's where the lucky you part comes in. You get to see the very first pair that I've ever knitted in my entire life!

They turned out so great! I was so excited about these adorable little shoes that I decided to alter the pattern a little and come up with a design that was just a tad different. "What is that?" said hubby nodding in the direction of my 'new design' that was complete. "I have no idea!" I said as I gracefully flung it into the trash can. It was Uh.Gly. And so, dearest reader, that is why all of these pictures are of the same one pair of booties. That same pair that I made for the very first time in my life. Lucky you!


  1. OH. MY. GOSH. They are adorable!!! Can I request a pair when I have a like 5 years? I figure if I give you enough notice you might say yes....I'm hoping...!!!

  2. Um, ok. So you are a goddess for sure. SERIOUSLY! I'll admit: I can sew, I can paint, I can draw, I can cook, and I can bake ... but knitting?! Holy Cow. I took a class in Austin awhile back, with dreams of scarves and baby shoes, and uh ... I just couldn't get it. My loops were all wonky. Never.again.

    Love these shoes! SO CUTE. :)

  3. Cute! Cute! Cute! You should make a pair in blue...and without the flower..hint hint hint. Though you only have 7ish weeks. Hint hint hint...:)

  4. So adorable. I am a TERRIBLE knitter--so I'm sending out 5 fist pumps for these cute booties!

    Warmly, Michelle



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