Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Knotted Headband & Tutorial

My super cute and stylin' sis told me about a great blog that I haven't come across yet on my own. If any of you are crafters, you will probably love checking out this blog as much as I have! The blogger, Cami, recently put up a post of these amazing headbands that she figured out. Lucky for all of us, she even included A Tutorial

Don't you love this knot? 
The directions in her tutorial were great and easy to follow. 

So easy, 

in fact, 

that I got a little carried away....


I actually made tons of these little lovelies in just a couple of days
(nap-time crafting days, that is...)

I didn't follow Cami's tutorial exactly for putting the headbands together, though. 
I didn't want to deal with a big bow of ribbon behind my head to stick through my hair,
So I changed the ribbon ties to an elastic instead. 

Glued the ribbon to one side

Glued on one end of the elastic on the other side

Then glued the ends of the ribbon closed over the elastic,
and repeated on the other end of the headband.

I am loving these!


  1. I heart mine. And Nomi hearts hers....

  2. and I heart mine the most! Thank you! i'm so glad you're a crafty person.

  3. Can I have some? Lilly and I could both use hair stuff, and I could trade you for something. Like, say, that cookbook I said I'd mail like a month ago that is still on my staircase?



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