Wednesday, October 26, 2011

They're Gone!

...My plants, they are gone. Done for the year.

We have been busy around here, hence the lack of posts lately! We had a bit of a freeze here in MN, so a bunch of our plants are done for the year. I took out our tomatoes and the rest of our vine plants, I also trimmed a bunch of flowers and bushes that are done... and now our yard looks naked... here's a little of what I've been up to:

We ate our one and only watermelon of the year, yep, in October. 
It was so delicious, it tasted like candy. 
I guess if we only get one it might as well be the best one we tasted all year!

We did get alot of really yummy produce from our garden, 
even if it was a short growing year.
I heard other people struggled with their gardens this year.
Like beets, for example. I got one. 

One beet. 
It had better taste good when I cook it up!
Maybe it will be like the watermelon....

As far as storing some of our garden for later use this winter,
we are only walking away with salsa.
(Really really goooooood salsa!)
Lucky for us, one of my friends gave me her tomatoes,
so we were able to get a small full batch of salsa!

I was able to find some cheap apples
so we canned some apple pie filling.
It turned out great.
And yesterday I was able to bottle up some peaches and pears.
So glad that's done.
It took all day long, and I only got 11 quarts altogether.
The peaches wouldn't come off the pits,
and the pears were also being stubborn in their own precious way.
That's how it goes sometimes :/

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