Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Building a Barn

Yep, really. 

A Barn.

In June my husband and I helped my parents
build a barn in their backyard.

The Before:

I can't really claim a ton of credit, 
besides holding things up as they got screwed in place,
smoothing the cement for the foundation,
(dad says I'm pretty good at it...holla)
being a "go for" girl, and
carrying lumber from the front yard to the back.

However, I can rightfully claim some crazy roofing skills!
Hammer and Nails, people.
My aim was spot on by the end of that day.

[The real story:]
As we were working on the steep slants of the roof, my spaghetti noodle arms couldn't hold up a sheet of shingles in one hand, and the nail gun in the other! They were so heavy. I had to use a hammer and nails because they were lighter! But hey, doesn't that roof look fabulous? 

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