Thursday, March 21, 2013

Little Miss Fox

I saw this cute little foxy one day on Pinterest,
and got the idea that it would be fun to make a little fox
for our new little baby who will be joining us soon!

I do really like the one I came across for inspiration,
but I decided to make up my own pattern so it would
be my original work.

Figuring out how to attach the head/ neck area was super tricky,
but I think it worked out okay. 
My favorite part is the bow- so sweet! 

After I had foxy all done, miss g (who is 4) had little miss fox
dancing and singing and playing all over the house for the rest of the day. 
She loves it- I was surprised!
She was super bummed that I didn't make it for her!
I think I'll surprise miss g and give the little foxy to her
when the baby comes. Don't tell!

the end.


  1. Now there is a creation! Keep it up!

  2. How cute! Of course Miss G loves it!

  3. That is so cute, Becky! You are amazing.

  4. OH MY!!!! SO SUPER SUPER CUTE!! I love this! I love how you changed it to be all your own creation! Way to go !!! Thanks for sharing. THanks for telling about getting ready for baby. It helps me feel involved. :) LOVE YOU

  5. Miss G will love the surprise. My favorite parts are the eyes! Too cute.



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