Monday, September 27, 2010

Birthday Banner

 My husbands birthday is this week and I wanted to make some decorations without the result being super crafty girly style. I've seen variations of this banner made from fabric or felt, which is where I got the idea. Here is the banner I ended up making from my scrap paper, and my favorite part is that it was so easy! I decided brown and blue was an okay "man" color scheme for the dinner party. I used my paper cutter to measure and cut so the triangles would end up the same size and shape. I printed the letters from the computer on regular white paper and glued them on the front of the triangles, and I just taped the triangles to a string of yarn so I could string it across the dining room doorway. It really didn't take me that long to make. If you are wanting to give this a try, just be aware of the order of the letters as you tape them on the string. I was being oh, so careful, when I first held up the banner to hang it up, it said "!yadhtribyppah". Yikes- Blonde moment for me...!

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