Thursday, October 7, 2010

Apples to Apples

This weekend this was my project- Use my new Food Dehydrator! Yes! My mother in law gave us a dehydrator as an anniversary gift and I could not have been more excited! She came up this weekend for a visit and brought her apple slicer and peeler with her so I could give our new machine a try. I did about six or eight Granny Smith apples to fill up my machine. The apples only took about six hours to dry, and they are so delicious! A friend of mine told me to add lots more lemon juice than I am used to adding to keep them from turning brown. It worked for the most part- I think there were a couple that needed to soak longer in the acid bath. The extra lemon juice actually makes these little apples more of a treat than a snack. I'll take that! This was my first attempt to drying fruit on my own, so I am really excited to try out other ideas! Hooray for fall.

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