Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Such a Good Book

This paper wreath was so much fun to make! It did take a bit of time, maybe three hours, I think because I was trying to figure out how to manipulate the paper like I wanted it. Believe it or not, ripping out the pages from the book took just as much time as rolling the papers! Now that I've had some practice I think I can make one in less time. I went to the Goodwill nearby and found a big fat old book for fifteen cents, so this craft was definitely a good deal!
 This is how I rolled the papers

I love how it's so big and ruffled looking. I got my idea from looking at some craft blogs, here are some other ideas for more really cute paper wreaths. I think I'll make some more in the future... maybe when I have more walls to hang wreaths on!

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