Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Special Occasion: Little Purple Dress

This is the cute little dress that I ended up making for miss G for my sisters wedding. All of the nieces in the family were in the same dress, and they were so adorable! Cute little purple girls running around. My sisters picked up the fabric and pattern, and sent it to me to assemble since we are in different states.

I'd have to say that it turned out better than I was imagining... 
I haven't sewn anything silky or satiny. 
The fabric did slide around a bit, but the pattern was easy enough 
it didn't really bother me at all.

My favorite part is the ruffles on the bottom of the dress. They are so sweet.


  1. I LOVE this dress Becky!! So cute!! If I send you some material and a pattern, would you make my girls one?! :) You did an awesome job! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. You are way too talented! I love how it turned out. And purple has always been my favorite color.

  3. One day, when I get married, after I open my bakery and have published my book, I am going to commission you to make a few of these dress for me, okay? OK!!! I know you'll totally be excited about it ha ha ha...just kidding. BUT, this dress is SUPER adorable. I was just talking to your sister about it at my evening job!



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