Thursday, June 2, 2011

Special Occasion: Peacock Headbands

It was my assignment to make the headbands for all the brides maids for my sisters wedding. Her special embellishment piece for the entire wedding was peacock feathers. 
I thought it was so elegant. 

Props to my model

I made four total, and each one is just a bit different. I was pleased with how they turned out, but they were a little tricky in the beginning (read: flat feathers, curved headbands. meh.). After a little trial and error we decided to get along and got a pretty good system down by the time I got to the last one! More pics to come, and even a tutorial if anyone wants any hints or tips!


  1. cute cute cute. I want the tutorial...or you can just make me one :)

  2. I bet those were so pretty at the wedding!

  3. Paige wears hers all the time. Everyone loves it.



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