Friday, October 15, 2010

Salad Specialty

Introducing: The Becky Salad, as my husband affectionately calls it. This has been my favorite salad for about the last two months. Every time I even think about it I must have it immediately or I will starve to death! I just can't get enough of it, or anything that is similar to it, for that matter! In this picture I used green leaf lettuce, my favorite is baby spinach, but it was a little expensive this week at the grocery store *sigh*. So, here you have it: Spinach (or green leaf!), shredded Romano cheese, dried cranberries, and toasted sunflower seeds. For dressing I found a fabulous four-cheese and garlic vinaigrette, but you know, any variation works for your own liking! Usually when I get a bag of Spinach all of these ingredients will last me for about six or eight bowls of salad....and yes, I do eat this almost everyday for lunch!

1 comment:

  1. This is one of my favorite salads too!! if you ever get bored, add red onion & feta cheese. AMAZING (if you like this ingredients of course) :)



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