Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I finished a Quilt!

Can you believe it?
I hardly can. 
I finished my jean quilt.
My awesome sister in law gave me these jean squares
already cut out.
Isn't she so nice? She had extras.
The only issue is that she gave them to me...
I think over 5 years ago!

Right when she gave them to me I put them together
but didn't really get around to anything else...
A couple years later, my grandma was 
cleaning out her fabric stash
(I love it when she does that)
and this huge piece of striped flannel fell into 
my wide open arms.

Then a couple years later I realized that we were moving
far away from any extra quilt tie-ing fingers,
So I ran to the fabric store and got some batting
(with my coupon, of course)
and my mom and my sis helped me tie it
literally just days before we made the big move last summer.

And that's how it sat for a year.
(I'm a slow mover, aparently. Sorry, jean quilt)
I pulled it out the other day and trimmed it

and pinned it

and finished the whole project in about an hour and a half.

Now we can officially go camping and picnicking on our family quilt
(because it's not camping if you don't have a camping blanket).
I am so excited to put this baby to some good use!


  1. Yay for finished projects! It looks great!

  2. i have just recently been dreaming of making a jean quilt too! the difference between you and i are you have the skill to make one, where as i.... hmmmm. it looks great. Lets go camping :)

  3. holy smokes! SO now we need to have a square cutting out party and do mine!...i have the levi ...and you are coming home soon!!!

  4. Yay! I love it! Great job. It looks awesome. I love how you can see some of the pocket and seam lines (from the jeans). Gotta have a jean quilt!

  5. Excellent quilt!! Now come out to Goodsprings & help me finish the one I am making for Belinda & David!! Only has taken me 2 years!

  6. Wow. amazing things happen all the time! Way to go! It looks sooo comfy.



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