Monday, July 11, 2011

Yoyo Hair Clippy

I made these hairclips with my sister, Nan. 
Her little girl and my miss G were born within four days of each other. 
At the same hospital. 
By the same doctor.
Cousin twins!
So, naturally, we have to make matchy things  for them to wear....

Start with a circle of fabric, 
stitch with a needle and thread around the entire edge,
and pull the thread tight
making all the edges come together
creating the Yoyo:

Glue your desired hair fastener on the back:
We used hot glue.

And glue something pretty on the front. 
We used my moms amazing assortment of buttons
and came up with all sorts of cute hair clips.

It's nice to have some of these on hand to give as gifts as well.

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