Monday, October 18, 2010

Autumn Joy

I took this picture the other day as I was hunting around looking for a beautiful maple tree. I love the red and orange hues that maple trees behold after a good frost in the fall, and I was determined to find a good one to be the model of a quick photo shoot. We drove around for almost an hour, being new to the area I didn't really know where to go to find "the good ones". In Utah we can drive up the canyon road to find a spectacular view of maples that have turned, so here in the flat lands of Minnesota it was a little more difficult. We did find a cute little house that was for sale with a little maple tree out front. I let my little girl play on the steps while I fiddled around with my camera and the fall colors. I'm not much of a professional when it comes to taking pictures, I just like to see what I can find. Oh, and I love Autumn.

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