Monday, October 4, 2010


Last month I went home to visit my family. I love visiting my mom because she is always learning new things and trying out new recipes and patterns. My mom is the one who first started me in on crafts and sewing. She had started to teach us kids how to read recipes, do laundry, crochet, and play the piano by the time we were at least ten. However, the last year or so I haven't felt like I even know much of being a domestic goddess at all... in part from learning to be a mommy myself, and in part to who knows what! But recently I was realizing how many different things I like to make and to do (hence the blog!), and I do really enjoy it! And all of that comes from my mother.

While I was home last month my mom pulled out her pattern she found at a cute sewing store for a wallet. She had already whipped up about ten of these cute little wallets, and had helped all my sisters sew theirs already. So it was my turn! After doing this project with my mom, and visiting with her while we were sewing, helped me realize that I do have a certain amount of domestic goddess-ness in me, from my mom. No matter how undomesticated I feel now that I live away from home, part of it is ingrained in me, thanks to my mom who started us out young.

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  1. Becky! This is the first time I've looked at your blog, and I love it!! You're so talented! I love this wallet! So cute!



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