Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My Contribution

Well, no worries my friends. I really am still alive and creating and crafting my little heart out. I just haven't been around to blog about it, unfortunately! Don't worry, I'll get you all caught up in no time. Thanksgiving break was so nice, we went to celebrate with my Hubby's family this year, and we had a lovely time. We spent lots of time cooking delicious food (of course, what else are the holidays for?!), making crafts, and talking with our loved ones. Little miss g couldn't have had a better time with all the cell phones and lap tops that were left sitting around. She loves to find buttons. And phones. And cheerios in the bottom of the pantry.

This year for the big meal I was in charge of the Rolls. I wanted to make some rolls that my mom has always made for Thanksgiving dinner growing up. She usually made Croissants and Fairy Rolls. Fairy Rolls are much easier to make, but just as delicious, so I decided to go for those!

Fairy Rolls consist of a beautifully soft dough, that you roll out flat. Then you use a circle shape cookie cutter and cut out each of the rolls, fold them in half, and pinch the edges shut so they won't open while they raise and cook. See how lovely they turned out up to this point? Thanks to my sis in law for helping me fold and pinch all of the rolls!

This is where the story goes all wrong, as it often must in my case for some reason....! I think I didn't roll out the dough thin enough, because while the rolls were raising they all popped open! These rolls are so cute when they work the right way. Lesson learned for next time, I guess!  So there they are, all my wide-mouthed rolls. I did make sure to take a picture of the two rolls out of the whole batch that did stay partially shut! TaDa!  I do have to say that they really were delicious, despite the fact that they weren't very pretty. They tasted just like I remember. Thanks for the recipe, mom!

And last but definitely not least, the amazing layered Jello salad. A Thanksgiving must-have from my moms side of the family.  This one turned out pretty awesome, considering I haven't ever done the entire rainbow all by myself (except for purple, because grape flavored jello is yucky).Yes, I am ignoring that it is lopsided and a little lumpy, because it takes two days to make.... this thing looks glorious!

See you next year, Rainbow Jello!

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