Monday, January 24, 2011


I'm starting to discover that  really cold winters can turn just about anything indoors into the most exciting event ever. We had some family over for the weekend, and Aunt E decided that she had some silver she needed to get polished up again. All seven of us adults crowded in the kitchen to watch, and of course join in, the fanfare...I must say, it was really fun! It was a return to all those science fair projects that we remember doing as kids. I loved it. My hubby even ran upstairs to get out his old coin collection to work some baking soda wonders on!

Got some water boiling, added the tin foil and the baking soda.

Dropped in old tarnished looking silver objects

... watched the magic take place! Once they were all silver again in the pot, we removed the items and rubbed them with towels to get them to shine.

Well, sort of shine for the coins!

Check out the before and after photos of that sweet little silver spoon!

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