Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Change

You know that feeling you get sometimes right before you get your haircut?  I really am talking about right before your haircut... as in, sitting in the chair covered in the drape with your hair soaking wet and you are wondering if you should really get it cut or not. You are all nervous and anxious even though you've been angry and frustrated at your mane of madness every morning for the last two weeks (or three). Then you hear the "snip snip" and the "splat" of the first chunk of wet hair hitting the floor... and then you realize... there's no turning back! Unless you want a really dorky haircut with it all long on the top, and cut to the shorter length on the bottom... but who does that? That's gross.

This is my friend, Shel. I did this haircut for her, and once again I am posting pictures of her right after I cut it. That means it's totally unstyled! Sorry, Shel. You readers will have to use your imagination and picture it how she wore it the next day: blown out and flat-ironed. Wowza. This length really draws attention to her contagious smile!

Isn't she gorgeous? Too bad my photo taking skills are sill in the works...!

Spring is in the air and I'm feeling like a change of scenery around here. It is February, after all. That's the trick about February. It's seems like it should be all springy, and then I look out my window and see the three feet of snow still sitting there. Not to mention the temperature outside. I think I need a new pair of boots, maybe some brown ones.

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