Monday, April 4, 2011

Knitty Bit

These little ladies are the result of me watching  General Conference this weekend. Well, these and some really great notes! They are the same pattern as the baby yellow booties I made a while back. I discovered that I can make a pair in about four hours. Good to know, for some weird random reason that I haven't come up with yet. 

I have also been looking up knitting patterns online, because I'm super exciting like that. Here are a few good spots I found:

Last of all the game, here is a sneak peak to another project I'm working on:

I know, you can't wait.


  1. Super cute! I wish I would have learned to knit better. My aunt tried to teach me, but I didn't take advantage of it very well.

  2. I've seen that hair piece! It is super cute and a great flare to some wedding hair!



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