Tuesday, May 10, 2011

30 Happy Days

 30 Happy Days 
Link up with Naomi from Seven Cherubs

What made me happy today?
10. Dinner with Friends
11. Seeing a bunny and a raccoon while on our run
12. Playing a game of Basketball with the Ladies
13. Hubby surprised me with a new movie! Persuasion (Jane Austin), Perfect!
14. Finding a cheap slide for miss G this summer for the backyard
15. Driving through a beautifully wooded neighborhood.... I'd like to live there!
16. Playing games and visiting with friends
17. Singing Hymns at church, hearing my hubby's voice
18. Getting laundry done and having a clean bathroom
19. Talking on the phone with a good friend
20. Skyping with my sister in law who lives far away
21.  Hubby came home earlier than expected
22.  Miss G's bright yellow raincoat, it rained the whole day! Visiting Hubby's fam.
23. Visiting Helayna, a woman who is 100 years older than my daughter. Amazing.
24. Easter Sunday, Remembering what really matters
25. Didn't have to make dinner, Aunt E ordered pizza!
26. Went to a double baptism, and watched/sat with seven kids
27. Official last day of classes for the semester for my Hubby
28. Finished miss G's little dress for my sisters wedding
29. Worked in the yard all day, and babysat three cute little kids
30. Went to a baby shower, also did a prom Up-do
1. Took an afternoon nap while missy G was sleeping
2. Had amazing Nacho's and Family Home Evening with the Missionaries over
3. Had amazing Nacho's for dinner again (they were really good)
4. Received my little sisters wedding invitation in the mail!
5. Prego Pinata in the park with friends, talked to my Dad on the phone
6. Went Running at the Arboretum with Hubby, gorgeous weather
7. Dinner party at my cousins, delicious strawberry shortcake dessert
8. Spent the whole day with Hubby and our little miss G, our pink tulips opened
9. Went to dinner to celebrate being done with our first year of Law School! Woo!
10.Woke up to the sun shining and a warm day, allelujah!

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  1. Love your happiness list. I so love a clean house, when hubby comes home early and dinner with friends too! Congrats on making it through the first year of law school ~ great effort. Love that happiness can be found in the simple everyday activities of life. Thanks so much for taking part. Naomi x



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