Friday, June 24, 2011

T is for Toddler T

Here is a toddler shirt 
that I figured out how to make
out of one of my old t-shirts I was going to dump.
I'm a genius.

Here's how I did it:

First I traced one of  miss G's shirts that still fits
but is slightly too short
(story of our lives),
and cut out the front and back pieces
on the side folds of my big shirt.

I made sure to line up the bottom of the new shirt
with the bottom of my big t-shirt, 
so I don't have to finish the bottom again.

The difference between the front and back pieces
that I cut out is that the front neckline is cut down 
slightly lower than the back neckline:

I also cut off some of the collar from my big shirt
so I cold finish the neck on miss G's new shirt

Then I cut some strips of fabric to embellish with.
Who likes a plain white t-shirt? bleh.
Here are all my pieces:

The first part I sewed were the shoulders,
sewing the front piece to the back
with the right sides together.

Then I stitched the raw ends 
of the collar piece together, making it a complete circle.

Pinning this new collar onto the right side of the neckline
I stitched it on with the right sides together.

While the front of the shirt is still accessible with my machine,
I stitched (with a long stitch) down the center 
of a couple of my strips of t-shirt material.
Then I pulled on one of the threads so it would gather:

I placed these now gathered ruffle pieces 
on the front of the shirt
and pinned them in place.

Then I simply stitched over them so they would stay.
I did a flower with a stem on this shirt.

Next I put the right sides of the shirt together 
and stitched up the side seams.

Lastly I finished the edge of the sleeves.
I just rolled them for a teeny little hem 
and did a straight stitch,
because I'm creative like that.

And my favorite picture:


  1. Great job and thanks for the little tutorial! It makes me even more excited to make things for my little ones - 6 months! I really hope one of them is a girl.

  2. I have never thought to do something like this - great tutorial! Thanks

  3. I love it. I really do. Now I just need a sewing machine. I know. I'll buy one. Someday.

  4. Yahoo! Way to sew!



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