Monday, September 19, 2011

Garden Spuds

We had a little freeze last week (already!). The freeze warning was sent out, and we went to the thrift store to get some extra sheets to toss over our veggies. We covered our herbs,  and our tomatoes and peppers, they are still producing quite well. Yum. There was frost on the windshields in the morning, and it was cold! I think we prevailed the frost with our new garden sheets, however. Take that, cold snap. My hubby noticed some of his potatoes were peeking above the dirt, and he decided to dig them up that afternoon. They are so gorgeous!

I used them for part of an amazing dinner, they were so simple yet so tasty. I just tossed them in a baking dish with fresh rosemary and oregano from the garden, and drizzled a touch of olive oil and salt over the top. They were absolutely delicious. How long can you handle reading a post about our potatoes? Because I really could go on and on.... however, I will spare you...

We also had these mouth watering baked Zuchini Sticks with our spuds.
Oh yummy.

Have you ever eaten fresh potatoes out of your garden?

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