Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Yellow Quilt

Quilt by: Annette Rawlinson

This is another one of my mom's beauties that she has created. {See her Sunflower Quilt here if you don't remember it!} She made this quilt for her youngest daughter, whose favorite color is yellow. This is one of my all time favorite quilts, isn't it adorable? The colors are so sweet, and I love the star pattern in the middle. I do have to say that I've seen some quilts that focus on a favorite color are quite gag-alicious and overbearingly flaunt the color. I feel like my mom did an excellent job picking out the colors, a compliment well earned for her since that is her least favorite part!

A charming detail of this quilt is the kitten design that she designed and then free-hand stitched as a border (see in the white square?). When my sister was young, she would spend hours out in the yard singing her little heart out to all of the neighbor cats that happened to roam into the yard. To my mom's chagrin (because the cats would dig up her flowers), my sister also gave them names of her own, such as Tomasina... that's the only  name I remember, and I probably slaughtered the spelling.


  1. Awesome! I love the way you're showing off your mom's handiwork. and I really LOVE the way that blogging about it creates a permanent record of where it came from and details you remember about it. Maybe you can convince your mom or other family members to comment as well and leave a permanent record of some of their own memories of the quilt.

  2. You're's Thomasina.

  3. Or, you know, you can always default with Phideaux. That sounds like Thomasina. Almost.
    If you keep enough of the letters silent.



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