Monday, September 12, 2011

Uh... Talapia?

I decided to be really healthy while I was grocery shopping so I grabbed a thing of Talapia fillets. A couple days later I came across this really great recipe, so I decided to try it. "Marinade the Talapia in Teryaki sauce and then broil until done, serve over rice. Garnish the top with chopped mint and cilantro drizzled with olive oil and some vinegar." Easy.

I decided to add some fresh green peppers out of the garden and some pineapple, just because we had it and it sounded good. Plus we had fresh garden tomatoes that I could put on the side. Delish.

You know that this meal is actually fat free (sans the olive oil)? Boo ya. I made a fat free meal without even thinking about it. I realized it once it was in the broiler. Everything turned out fine, and I think it would have been a stellar meal, had it not been for the Talapia! Those of you who know me, know that I really really really tolerate the taste fish. Really. I tolerated the taste, I was good and ate my whole plate of food.... but next time I'm totally going to use some chicken breast!


  1. I'm with you. I don't do fish which is unfortunate since it is so healthy and Mark and Julia really like it.

  2. ARe you crazy! I love talapia! I will have to give you the recipe we use. It is super easy, doesn't taste like fish too!!

  3. That's what we have been eating a LOT. I got a great deal on different marinaids. So i just put chicken in a different one each time and eat it with rice. I made homemade salsa and put that on the rice and eat it with the chicken too! SO GOOD!!

  4. Emily, if it doesn't taste like fish, I'll take the recipe!



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