Friday, April 20, 2012


New pajamas!

I think we are getting better at posing for pics.
All of these pictures are amazing(ly cute!).
The wet tubbie hair really helps.

The story of the Yellow Piece:

One day I cut out all the pieces I needed, and of course had just enough fabric to make the pajamas. The next day I sat down to sew, and one of the front panels was missing. "Oh no!" I said. "What's wong, mommy?" she said. I ran out to the big trash can to open the bag of garbage that we had tossed out the night before to try to find the missing piece. And, of course! It was garbage day. The big can was empty. Somehow I did end up having this yellow flannel in my fabric stash that matches the yellow in the bird fabric perfectly. It's one of two extra flannel pieces that I own... so it really is quite a miracle that it matched! Hence the yellow panel, that I actually really like. I think I like it better than if all the fabric had ended up being the same!

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