Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Rad Wreath


It's pretty rad, but it needs a few more eggs....

I ran out, but I think in about a week
when I'm sick of plastic eggs rolling around the inside of my house
(from Easter)
I'll just glue those ones on where the ribbons are.

Then I'll have my Easter wreath completed for next year!
Woo! A step ahead for once....

Did I mention I was sick last week?
No posts... no crafts... no good food... no nothin.
I slept for like 5 days solid.
It was the worst sickness I have ever had.
I was crying for my mommy.
But now I am on the mend--
Thanks to my awesome husband for taking such good care of me!
Now I can walk down the stairs 
without wanting to take a nap at the bottom.
Yay for me!

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