Thursday, February 21, 2013

Wheat Berry Bread

Learn something new:

Wheat Berries= the whole wheat kernals

Okay- you probably already know that,
but for me it's something new!

Anyhow, soak those babies overnight in warm water,
then water and keep drained for the next couple of days.
Once they sprout, you can use them in your bread.

Ohhhh, yummy. 
They add such a good texture and flavor to the bread.
Since the berries were sprouted before you cooked them,
your body digests them as a vegetable instead of a grain.
(and they are soft, not rock hard like dry wheat berries.)

Sprouted wheat berries are great to keep on hand.
Sprout them on the counter, at room temp
and when you want them to stop growing store them in the fridge.
 They are a delicious and healthy addition to salads,
sandwiches, and in soups too. Learn something new?


  1. Well I just learned something new.

  2. I had no idea! Those look really good Becky!



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