Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Fairy

I have to admit that last year I didn't do a single thing for Miss G's Halloween costume. It consisted of one of my friends zipping up a Bee costume on my daughter for the evening. I don't even have a decent picture of her dressed up last year! What can I say? I'm not much of a 'dress up for halloween' type of person, I guess. This year, I decided that since she was old enough to enjoy pretty flowers and beads on a regular day, it would be worth my time to get her in a costume for Halloween. I absolutely loved how this turned out. She was so cute running around in her leggings and her fairy wings that my hubby picked out for her. I made the flowers in her hair, and on her skirt, which was the beginnings to the madness of my last post. I also made her skirt, which I've seen tons of different designs for, but I specifically used this idea for ours. And then, of course for the leggings (which totally rocked my world) I followed directions via word of mouth from my sister in law. Miss G absolutely loved being all dressed up. I think my views of not being involved with Halloween have been altered... at least while we've got a cute little girl to dress up!


  1. It is so much fun! Way to go! Becareful what traditions you accidently start- they turn into alot of work sometimes! Mom R

  2. So Funny "Mom R".... SO TRUE.... Once you set the "bar" it can be hard to keep reaching it as a mom (aka super-mom).

    BUT, this little fairy is one lucky little fairy.... to have such love in her life... So many people who adore her and are on her team, reaching from one side of the middle of the U.S. to the other side of the middle of the U.S. (at least!)

    KUDOS to you Mama Becky for the amazing, loving creativity that you share with your daughter and with all of us. And KUDOS to Papa Neal, for gifting his daughter with WINGS~~~~~~~~~
    All of you Rawlinsons and Pearsons.....so wonderful....such a blessing.



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