Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Making Introduction

Hello! How are you doing? I hope you are well. I feel like I haven't seen you in a while. I wanted to introduce you to my newest earrings that I designed. I call them Clara. And now that I look at this, the lower picture is really dark, so I apologize about that. Oy. One day my pictures will turn out perfectly every single time. Right. I really love these earrings. I love wearing them. And now Christmas is here I am loving giving them as presents.

We had a house full of guests for the weekend. My hubby's family was in town for a Christmas celebration and we had such a fun time with everyone here. We had a big dinner and gave gifts to each other, we sang jingle bells, and just sat and visited. My missy G got a new sled from her Memére and Papa, so we've also been outside playing in the snow alot. I can't believe Christmas is only a few days away! I might not be posting much during the holidays- not because I won't be making things, of course, but because I'll be visiting family and friends. I love Christmas so much. I love to see family and friends, making special treats, surprises, giving, and the magic of it all. I love the time of reflection on the things that really count in life. I hope you have a very Magical and Merry Christmas!


  1. Clara is great. They kind of look like monster eyeballs.

  2. Super cute Becks! I love them!

  3. Very cute, how did you make them?!?!?!

  4. These earrings are very stylish and creative ~ what are they made of? from BlogFrog ~ like your blog ~ following also ~ hugs and namaste, cz:)



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