Saturday, January 8, 2011

My Own Flowers

Don't worry. I know you've been freaking out because you think I died. But I didn't. I'm still alive, and I am still making fun things, and believe it or not, I still like to blog about them. Our vacation has been great for the holidays, and it's still going! I can't believe how long it has been. You'd think they would have gotten sick of us by now..... or at least gotten tired of my little miss G sucking on everyone's toothbrushes when she can get her hands on them. We've been visiting my family for almost three weeks now and it has been such a good time. I love seeing all my siblings and visiting and laughing with my mom and dad late into the night....or early morning, to put it correctly. I love being home and seeing people and places that I grew up with. I love the memories that come back to my mind as we talk and laugh.

Moving right along.... I made these pretty flowers for two of my aunts and one for my sweet Grandma for Christmas. My hubby is in law school, so Christmas was a little tight this year for buying gifts (I know, hard to believe....). I decided to raid my moms fabric cupboards, which are amazing, by the way. I found this pretty brown fabric and the cream colored lace from the lace bucket. I also found a piece of lace that my mom used when she made her own wedding dress! That was the neatest treasure I found. Anyway, I also dug through my moms five (yep, 5) tins of buttons and found some favorites that I remember playing with when I was younger.

These flowers are a spoof off of the last ones that I posted about. I first cut out the flower shapes for the petals, and the circle used for the base.

Folding the petals in half twice, I glued three of these on one base to start the flower.

Then I made a circle of the lace and glued it on top of the three petals, and the buttons go on top. One of the flowers I made has the buttons right on the lace, the other flower has another brown circle of fabric for the buttons to go on. Either way looks great to me.

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