Monday, December 13, 2010

New Hair in December

Another big haircut for this month! This is my friend M, she decided it was time for a big change.  She has such soft silky hair with the most beautiful natural honey colored highlights, I loved cutting her hair!  I do have to say that she is so awesome because she let me post this 'after' picture of her hair while it was still partially wet. Not that it's that big of a deal, she still looks so fresh and pretty.  I cut off about seven inches of this girls hair, and thinned out about half of what was left! She had lots and lots and lots of hair. Lucky girl.  I love the new length of hair on her, it really brings out her eyes and draws more attention to her face... another good reason for embracing short hair!


  1. Everyone is going chop chop on the hair...maybe i should take their advice...

  2. great job on the haircut! she will feel like a new woman now :)

  3. Nice haircut!!

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  4. YAY Melanie! So cute!



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