Saturday, December 11, 2010

Snow Day

Wow. Can I just say that it's looking ALOT like Christmas here in the Twin Cities? Todays snow has been so fun to watch pile up. Thankfully it's on a Saturday so people don't have to go out in it! Not that they could if they wanted to. The airport is shut down, and the mail didn't come today. Even the snowplows were ordered to stay off the roads in part of the state. This is how it looked today at about noon, and it has continued to snow and blow all afternoon. Sixteen inches, and counting!

Well, what better thing to do on a cold snowed-in day, than to get out some delectable ingredients and concoct a masterpiece!

We decided to use up some of the leftover cranberries from thanksgiving.... did you know that cranberries looked like that on the inside? They are so pretty! We also got out the big ol' bag of apples and put them to some good use.

I know it might be kind of hard to tell what this is... considering it's not in the right shape... but it's a pie. An apple-cranberry home-made-crust kind of a pie. And the 'S'? Well, that stands for snow, of course!


  1. The pie looks great! I just love snow days don't you? Enjoy the snow. Have you ever made snow ice cream? Google the recipe, it's great.

  2. I think that "S" stands for Sadie. You were supposed to send me some.

  3. seriously cannot believe how high the snow is piled up on your outdoor furniture! crazy!!

  4. that looks delicious!



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