Friday, December 10, 2010

O Christmas Tree

My project of late has been this glorious white floofy tree. I thought it would be the perfect dining room table decoration for December (er, the rest of it, anyway...). Hey, it is white, we could probably leave it out for January too! I got my idea from here but made up how I did it as I went along. It does take a billion-gazillion filters for this tree, just in case you were wondering. This tree ended up being about 16 inches tall.

I made my base out of a cereal box, gluing it into the shape of a tree.

Then I just started gluing away! Gluing on the filters took This is a great long-winter-stuck-in-the-house sort of project.

Once I got all the coffee filters glued in place, I used my scissors and trimmed all the edges to refine the shape of the tree. I know, it's a little lopsided and looks more like a snowed on pointy haystack. But I figure if I only put it out during the winter people will just assume it's supposed to be a tree, right? ...there's a first time for everything.


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