Thursday, January 27, 2011

Cozy Toesies

Aw, isn't this the sweetest thing you've seen all day?! These baby booties are so precious! I've been wanting to sew some little baby shoes for about the last, oh let's see, TWO YEARS or so. I just haven't. I don't even know why! So the other day I was looking around for some really great patterns with my good friend Google, and actually found some cute ones! This pattern was among the favorites that I found.

Download, print it out, voila.

Cut out fabric, follow instructional video, re-thread sewing machine 3 times...

... and done. These are going to make some great gifts. My mind is spinning with ideas for more of these little guys, and this is only one of the patterns that I found! Go ahead, take a look. I know you want to.


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  2. These are so so cute! I can't imagine feet being small enough to put in shoes so small!

    Take care!



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