Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fashion Show

 I was able to go to a really great fashion show for the seniors in the design program at the U of Minnesota. They did such a good job, I loved seeing their work! Here are a few of my favorites from the night (besides the really cool people that I got to go with!!):

 Boho Chic style, the whole line was interesting. I loved the colors.

Awesome hair... it was gorgeous in real life  

 Loved the red skirt!! 
It was a bubble skirt when she came on the runway. 
Then she took off this belt, and voila, it turned into this elegant piece!

Bubble Collar, anyone? (There were lights in each of the bubbles...)   

Love this girl (hubby's super cute cousin, go M!) 

Opening in the back of the jacket 

   Mostly just liked the hair on this one. 
Not much can be said about pointy shoulders...

I really liked this line as well, it had a nice touch of romance going on. 
And of course the hair was great!

The evening was so much fun. It was nice to be out doing something way out of the ordinary. The venue was perfect for people watching, one of my absolute most favorite past times!

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