Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Use Some Lace

Well, it's another freezing cold day for us in the twin cities. I could just repost these photos... but I feel like that would be cheating somehow. On the other hand, not much has changed so why not! Another indoor craft that I actually pulled out to wear the other day is this lace pouf. This lace is another piece that I snatched from my moms amazing and never ending supply of crafting odds and ends. The lace itself has more of a zig-zag edge, opposed to normal lace that has soft curves. I love that it makes a simple feminine statement without being over the top.

I used a needle and thread, doing a loose stitch along the bottom edge of the lace. Once I reached the end of the length, I pulled it all together so it was all gathered. Then I just adjusted it to look like a flowery poufy thing and hot glued it to a felt circle for the base.

Spring is coming (hopefully, if this ice can ever melt from off the sidewalks...) and that means flowers and bright colors! I'm so in the mood for spring. Maybe that's why I actually wore a flower in my hair. I think I'll go spend some time with my friend Google and find more images of Bora Bora to dream about...


  1. You make these things look so easy! Great job!

  2. I love these and will definitely be making some for my daughters!



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