Friday, March 4, 2011

Are you a Linker?

I believe I am in love with linky party thingys. Whenever I find a site that does a craft link party I feel like I've opened a glorious door to bazillions of new ideas to try. So, this is my deal. I am going to host my own craft linky party every Friday (starting.....wait for Friday! That is one week from today) here at My Domestic Design, and all you amazing crafters can link up to share something that you made during the week.

I know there are a lot of people out there (YOU!) making things all the time, so show it off! It really can be anything that you made. Socks, a poem, a lego castle, a hat, a painting, a remodel job, your lunch...  You can link up with a new post, or link to a previous post that you put up during the week.


I know what you are saying... another linky lady? yep. The story is that when I go to a link up party and I see "698,998,785 entries so far... your next!" I don't know about you, but I feel absolutely lost in the mix. So here's your opportunity to get bossy and strut your stuff, and to also link up with new blogs and meet new people. So I'll give you a week to prepare yourself and all of your amazing makin' stuff skills. See you next Friday!


  1. Awesome!! We'll be there!!

  2. Oh boy. I might just link up with you all the time! But I should warn you... The only things I can make are quilt related. But I'm working on a few fun things! See you on Friday! Lovyurguts!



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