Thursday, October 13, 2011

New Skirt

I used some of my old pants to make a new skirt for miss G
nothing too fancy, just an elastic waist
and a pocket on the side
{because pockets are a must for treasures} 
Some simple lace on the bottom of the skirt
and the top of the pocket
just to jazz things up a bit...

she totally rocked it with her leggings and "sprinkly" shoes

then we ran around outside

and ate oreos and milk on the front porch
while the golden yellow leaves were blowing across the rich blue autumn sky
I'm pretty sure that it's a perfect day


  1. that does sound like the perfect day. Excellent work.

  2. What! Lace! I seem to remember a little girl in full rebellion at lace added to clothing. :) It is fun, though, and autumn days are perfect days. Miss G seems a little happier about this outfit....maybe it was the oreo bribe.



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