Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Stuff I Read

I have to say I am really not that great at staying up with lots of blogs.
Maybe I should rephrase that...
I have a gazillion blogs that I "follow",
(because I love them all!!!)
but I find myself always reading a select few.
Or ten.
But I didn't want to overwhelm you.
So, I'm going stick with a few today.

The first one I found right after I began blogging:
Right now Kasey and her husband 
have moved to Hawaii for a year. 
Her husband got laid off, so they took their kids,
and went on an adventure.
To Hawaii.
How do you beat that??

I also love to read Merediths blog at
Meredith is a freepile fashion blogger,
turned lifestyle blogger,
and she so FUN.
Her hubby is also in law school,
so I think that's what got me hooked...

On to the crafters....
Amanda is one of my favorites
she's got style,
and she's creative:

Jones Design Company is another one
that I found right away as I started blogging.
I always get tons of inspiration
and new ideas of projects I want to do:


Happy Reading!

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