Friday, January 13, 2012

I Made Beads!

Well, two. 

I made two beads.

But still, they are out of glass,
and I MADE them!

These are the two that I made:

My cute little sis in law said her friend makes glass beads,
and she had invited us over to make some with her.
Did I want to accept the invitation?
So away we went.

She turned on her blow torch and her other little doo dahs,
handed us a stick (to make the bead on)
and a stick of colored glass to melt onto the stick,
and bam we were some bead makin' babes.

I guess I shouldn't exaggerate too much...

I was actually a little scared of the blazing blow torch
right in front of my face,
as well as the option of having some glass shatter
right in front of my face
if I didn't let it get hot slow enough,
and I only had to watch about 5 beads get made
before I dared to try it myself....
But then, Bam, there I was,
Makin beads out of glass with my own hands.

I think when I have some working space of my own
I'll look into getting my own supplies.
It was so much fun to do and to watch.

Then I can be a bead makin' babe every day. 

linking up: You Seriously Made That


  1. You MAKE BEADS! Pretty soon you'll have enough to make a whole hippie curtain. Hah. A hippie curtain out of glass beads. I crack myself up.

  2. WOW!! {my jaw is dropped...hanging....and drooling in amazement} You made BEADS! who knew?

  3. Those are beautiful!!! I would LOVE to make beads :) Thanks for linking up!

  4. I found you on You Seriously Made That, and I love these! That's awesome, they turned out so well!

  5. So very pretty! You did a fabulous job! Imagine all the wonderful things you could create with such beautiful beads...



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