Friday, March 2, 2012

Easy, Quick, and Simple Kale Carbonara

My husband and I went grocery shopping together the other day, and while we were looking at the many different varieties of fruits and vegetables available to buy, we realized that we currently had only a few of the items available in our diet.  We decided on the spot that we needed to expand our horizons, and grabbed a bunch of kale to try. We've never bought kale before. We've never cooked with kale before. This is the beginning of our great food adventure! Hopefully great. We'll see.

When we got home I googled "kale recipes" and found one that I thought sounded pretty decent. I found a few that I wouldn't mind trying, but Kale Carbonara is the first one on our been-there-done-that list; and now it's on our gonna-stick-around-forever list. 

mouth wateringly
(yep, real word as of now)

Here is the recipe from Life, in Recipes.
Go make it and eat it and call your life complete!
We sure did.

1 comment:

  1. We tried Kale chips. YUUUUK!
    All these March posts are cute and fun. You have been too busy. We hauled off another truck load of yard to the dump.



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