Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mama to Daughter: Sweater Refashion

My friend gave me this purple sweater that she didn't use anymore,
so I saved it for some future project down the road--
It matches this cute owl fabric
(that I was also saving for some future project)

I used a shirt for my guide that miss G currently wears
and cut out the front pieces from the existing sweater:

Then copied the front piece to cut out the back piece
for the new sweater:

I also used the shirt as a guide for the new smaller sleeve:

But I kept the original sweater sleeve edge 
so I wouldn't have to refinish the edge.

Then I sewed the sweater together;
shoulder seams first, added the sleeves,
and then did the side seams.

All the edges were already finished
because I used the previous sweaters edges.

miss G likes this picture the best 
because her hair "goes to the side like a princess":


  1. Yes, I agree...you are amazing. I'm so glad you were able to put the sweater to good use. She looks so cute!!

    1. I was hoping you would see this one!

  2. Looks fantastic. I never would have guessed that sweater was a refashion! Looks great with the owl dress too!



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