Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Apple Core

Introducing.... my entire collection of things I have canned this fall! Woooo! Wait... It's only four pints of applesauce? Strange. It felt like more work than that. Our neighbors dropped off a big ol' bag of apples for us to bake with. He was aiming to get a big bag of eating apples and ended up with a big bag of baking apples. After eating a bunch of them in a huge beautiful homemade apple pie (that I didn't make, by the way) I can't say I feel that sympathetic for him. The pie was just too good. Sorry, Neighbor. There was no way we could eat the rest of the apples before they went bad, I had to do something about it. Being raised by my Mother, specifically, I did the only thing that was reasonable with the resources I had. I spent a few hours peeling and boiling the apples I had left after the delicious pie, and figured out that only four pints would fit in the soup pot we had in the kitchen for a hot water bath. I can't say that I feel sympathetic for myself, either, for spending all that time on only four pints. I can say that next year I'll make sure to find a real hot water bath to do some real canning. At least I got a three weeks supply of applesauce out of it, and I'm darn proud of it, too!


  1. YAY! I think your mom said she got 36 quarts or something like that! Whoohoo huh!

  2. That's my girl!



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