Thursday, January 13, 2011


My mom hates figuring out math problems, especially the ones that she gets on her kids homework assignments. She also hates taking pictures with a camera. She told me so. I think she holds them on the same level of hate, because I've seen her take about as many pictures on a camera as story problems solved on my homework growing up. But she is a really amazing artist. She can make just about anything with her sewing machine and her hands. My Dad loves taking pictures with his camera, and he hasn't ever told me that. I've just watched him take his pictures and look at his results. He's good enough that I can enter his photography in competitions behind his back and surprise him with the ribbon when it's all over with. I think that's where I get it all from. My desires to create something out of whatever I have on hand, or to really notice the details and try to capture them. Both of my parents are artists in their own way, and from them I have learned to live my life with an artists eye. Creating and Capturing.  There isn't really any professional ambitions to make money or create any type of business, it's just using my hands and remembering my center. I do photography so I can see.


  1. Thank you! I read and write for a living (I literally look at books all day...Lawyer) and would not notice anything beautiful if not for photographers and artists like you. You allow people like me to wake up and see all of the beautiful things that I normally ignore.



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