Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Quilt Show

While I was on my vacay I went to a huge quilt show with my mom and my sis. It was held at the Springville Art Museum in Utah. The building itself is so gorgeous, add to that some beautiful art and it turns out to be one of the prettiest places to go see when I visit. It was inspiring to see so many different quilts all in one place. I'm not a huge quilter myself, but my mom is, so I know what goes into a high quality masterpiece. There were some pretty amazing pieces, along with some interesting ones as well. I think I was mostly captured by how artistic some of the quilts were.

Case in point (#1): Little red fish with big blue ribbon. 
This quilt is a wall hanging piece- maybe a foot and a half long. It doesn't show in the picture, but the artist used gold thread that shines in the light, and beads in specific areas to enhance the details. I've never really thought about putting beads on my quilts.... if i made quilts...

Case in point (#2): Scenery, anyone? 
On the left is a view from southern Utah, the center quilt is the Sacred Grove in New York, and on the right is a beautiful autumn scape. Want to see that one closer? So did I:


I wonder how many hours were spent quilting 
with all of the quilts of the show combined?


  1. I LOVED that Southern Utah one!

  2. Ya, the colors were amazing, weren't they?



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