Monday, March 18, 2013

Carseat Blanket

Getting ready for the arrival of Baby Girl!
I'm 37 weeks along today- feeling like "any minute now"
I'm so glad I got this done before she came!

I found the "pattern" on a blog called Calico.
I say "pattern", because she drew a picture a picture and 
her instructions were "make it look like this!"
Which I thought was hilarious, 
and a little tricky.
But I think it worked okay.

I cut out one half by looking at her picture,
and then folded it in half to do the other side
so it would turn out symmetrical
(or close to it!).

I decided to do my own little applique design
instead of piecing together the fabric like Cally did.

I also wanted the straps to be more adjustable, 
so I went with ties instead of button up straps. 

I loved using some fun stitches on my new machine!

I really like how the shape of this cover sits over the car seat,
instead of the dying battle of the draped blanket!


  1. oh! I love it!!! That is super fun! I'm so glad you are liking your new machine!! So exciting! I can't wait for you to be "All done" so I can see this new niece!!!!

  2. SOOO cute! It turned out really well!

  3. Keep playing with that new machine! Look at her go! It is "sew" fun!



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